sketchbook: Saturday 10 September 2011

SAT 10 SEP 2011 ca. 1:45 p.m. LONSDALE QUAY

Sun bearing down; high summer arriving late. These are steps of speckled concrete set in red steel frames . Before me a long alley of a farmer’s market: the ground tiled with square bricks, awnings jutting from the white wall of the market, a long row of white-canopied pavilions running down the other side, standing on spindly galvanized legs.

And people: Chinese kids in bright clothes running up and down the steps by me, their mother ordering them to get down and come with her. People saunter in both directions: Filipino woman in an orange sweater; man in brown Hawaiian shirt, shorts, swinging a water-bottle jauntily from one hand; another Chinese woman in glasses and white T-shirt, perusing the trays of apples. Teenage girls walking briskly; young woman with short shorts, on her cellphone; Chinese man with a disabled son walking uncertaintly behind him; another Chinese man in tropical shirt and casual pants, barefoot in sandals. An old couple seeking something, the whitehaired woman shading her eyes as she peers beyond me.

The nearest pavilion: Wild Westcoast RainForest Products: bottled goods, maybe jams and condiments. Next to that: a mini-clothing boutique: shawls and scarves it looks like—leopardskin, tie-dye, batik. Chinese mother and son talking and laughing. Now Kimmie in pink tanktop and denim shorts, bringing a bag of Roma tomatoes.

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