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a tentative definition of wealth

This morning I posted to Twitter and to Facebook this link about the Facebook IPO, written by Dan Denning of Daily Reckoning Australia. In his post Mr. Denning makes this point: Time is your most valuable asset. And it’s the … Continue reading

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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice: ridiculous & lovable

Last night’s entry in Paul’s History of Cinema Festival was the 1969 social comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, written by Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker, and directed by Mazursky. It’s a movie I first saw about 8 … Continue reading

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Aeschylus | Sophocles | Euripides | Aristophanes

Aeschylus | Sophocles | Euripides | Aristophanes by Aeschylus My rating: 4 of 5 stars Here we have a striking instance of the weakness of the star-rating system—a system that I ordinarily have no problems with. For I believe it … Continue reading

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sketchbook: Sunday 1 January 2012

SUN 1 JAN 2012 11:45 am MY HEARTH Every fire has its own biography. This one was almost stillborn, but now, after repeated rearrangements and relightings, it is born: its throaty breath sounds over the growing hiss of steam escaping … Continue reading

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