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I just watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas last night for the umpteenth time. Was I tired of it? No! I found it funnier and more delightful than ever, still a serious contender for “best half-hour of TV ever produced.” Only one thing disturbs me a bit: the Grinch’s remark, early on, that he has been looking down on the Whos’ Christmas celebrations for 53 years. I could never imagine anyone being old enough to make a statement like that; now the Grinch has become one of my peeps. He’s solidly middle aged.

Well, it happens to the best of us–if we live long enough. And I wish you a long life, and a happy one.

Sharp-eyed followers of this blog will have noted the new Patreon badge in the left sidebar. Christmas seems as good a time as any to bring to mind those less fortunate than yourself, such as those who, due to oxygen privation at birth or repeated blows to the head, have elected to pursue a life in the fine arts. Everyone knows that this is not a good idea; nonetheless, some of us find ourselves in the position of persevering in the arts long past the point when more sensible people have given up. Now is the season to let your heart be touched by our predicament.

Patreon is a site that connects artists (“creators”) with patrons: those willing to help an artist by making a one-time or an ongoing financial contribution to his continuing effort. One good thing is that those contributions can be as low as US$1.

If you click on the badge, it does not commit you to pledging anything. Rather, you will be taken to my home page on Patreon, where you can read the short spiel I’ve written there, and also watch the short (2-minute) video I’ve recorded. That prospect alone should be enough to lure you. Then you can abandon the page and get on with your life, or, possibly, you could opt to click one of my pledge buttons and become a patron. (You can “unbecome” one at any time.) US$1 a month will do it.

I’m about to publish my short story The Thought Dial, about some of the agonies associated with teen dating, and soon after will come Lost Kings, a story about a young man’s quest for spiritual meaning while drifting through Europe in the late 1970s. I’m going to keep writing and publishing, come what may, and I warmly invite you to become a partner in that undertaking. I’m offering rewards for pledges, so please click the badge, and come and check them out.

Merry Christmas.

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