dream interpretation: “Why am I constantly dreaming about the father of my child?”

“See you again tomorrow night, then?”

I regularly answer questions on Quora. My main topics there are astrology and Buddhism, but with occasional forays into life advice, economics, philosophy, literature, and even some dream interpretation. Here is an example of the latter. On March 9, 2020, I came across this question:

“Why am I constantly dreaming about the father of my child and he is not in my life?”

I posted this answer:

I like to believe that dreams are capable of multiple interpretations, so we need to be careful about being dogmatic about them. In this case, I think it’s entirely possible that you may be having some kind of astral contact with this man, who has played such an important role in your life.

But apart from that, I think an interpretation might depend on how you feel about this man. On what terms did you part, and how do you feel about him now? These things will bear closely on the meaning of these dreams, I think.

If we look at the dreams from the perspective that everyone in them represents an aspect of yourself, then the man will be an embodiment of what Carl Jung called your animus: the personification of a woman’s unconscious. The animus is always male, since a woman identifies consciously with her female nature, so her “masculine” side is relatively unconscious. The archetypal symbol can take many forms. The appearance of this symbol is a sign that you are ready to, or you need to, get to know yourself more fully and more deeply. The fact that he is the father of your child means that you have already mingled your nature with his to create new life—a further sign that he is part of yourself.

Knowing only what you’ve said in your question, I would say that the dreams are suggesting that you look at your relationship with this man, how it unfolded and how it ended, and search more deeply for the meaning in it. Looking at things honestly and deeply, what has the whole experience taught you about yourself? And what more might you be able to learn from it?

What do you think?

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