About Me

I’m Paul Vitols (“vee-tolls”), writer-creator of the popular 1990s children’s adventure-fantasy TV series The Odyssey. (If you’re a fan of the show, or just sufficiently interested, there are some limited-edition DVD sets of The Odyssey available from the producer.) This website is my online atelier. My inspiration is the workshop of the ancient artisan: a place where he worked, taught, sold, entertained, and lived. Here I present my thinking on a range of topics (especially the Great Ideas), talk about my creative works in progress, and offer my finished works for sale.

I am part of the e-book revolution, publishing my works through this new and evolving medium, interested to see where it will lead. This is not to say that they will not be appearing in print in due course, for I love paper books! But e-books now provide the best means for an author to connect with his audience quickly, completely, and affordably. So that’s the means I’m using.

My Published Works

These are the books I’ve published so far:

Truth of the Python, a literary thriller in which a Vancouver hypnotherapist and his young client discover they have unfinished business with each other—from 25 centuries ago. In doing so, he opens a Pandora’s jar of life-changing consequences. For it emerges not only that Greg may have been the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, and Philip himself a key figure in that remote time, but that Greg, in trance, can act as a channel—someone who gives voice to nonphysical entities. And an entity appears who has knowledge of a painful secret from Philip’s past. . . .

The Hermit, my first serious short story, in which Alex, a disaffected university student, goes for a walk and unexpectedly arrives at a crossroads in his life. (Download it for free when you sign up to my mailing list.)

A Tourist Visa, a short piece of literary fiction, in which we meet Curtis, in iron curtain-era Riga on a visit to his long-lost grandfather. While Soviet bureaucracy frustrates Curtis, it also holds out the possibility of romance in the shape of attractive Intourist guide Galina.

The Thought Dial, the first in a series of two coming-of-age stories featuring John Pulkis. Here, when sixteen-year-old John loses the concert tickets that were to give him the courage to ask Sue Nielsen for a date, he considers desperate remedies.

My Blog

My blog is where I publish thoughts and views that are not (yet) ready for publication as e-books: book reviews, film criticism, prose sketches (renderings of my surroundings recorded in my “prose sketchbook”), and reflections on the Great Ideas—along with progress reports on my projects, including discussion of the ideas, issues, and conflicts underlying these. For in a sense a writer is like a duck (or, perchance, a swan!) swimming on a lake, its calm progress on the surface giving no hint of the work going on below, out of sight. My blog lets you glimpse the inner workings of the creative process leading to the finished product.

My Mailing List

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In Sum

Enter and explore! Leave comments. Ask questions. And as much as possible—enjoy.

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