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  1. Brandon says:


    I am writing to you because you had a very helpful review of the Trivium by Miriam Joseph. It’s been a few years, have you successfully assimilated the book? Do you have any advice into tackling it?

  2. Paul Vitols says:

    Hi Brandon–thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I don’t know that I would say I have assimilated the book exactly, but I have pushed forward with understanding and using its contents.

    As for how to tackle, I think it might depend on what you want to get out of it. But for what it’s worth, my advice would be:

    1. Take it slowly. It’s not just a book, it’s a whole degree program. Each chapter would fill up a course.

    2. Read with a highlighter and/or take notes. The book is already concise, so you’ll have lots of highlights, but I find it helps me focus and concentrate on the material as I read.

    3. Write out your notes in a separate notebook. This is what I eventually did. I created a binder, which I called “Trivium Flow,” in which I set out to duplicate the contents of the book in the form of org charts, relating everything to everything else. This again takes lots of thought and concentration, but that is what the book demands. I haven’t finished this process myself; I left off at about halfway through, 2 years ago or so. But it was the most powerful learning step I’ve found so far.

    4. Think of your own examples, and look for applications for the material as you read and think in the rest of your life.

    Really what anyone would need to do to master this material is to go over it again and again, in different ways. But every little bit that you learn will enrich you, so it’s all good.

    Thank you again for checking in.

  3. polaris says:


    Just want to tell you that I like your picture, I opened your website and I had a deja vu feeling when I saw your picture, your smile and your look, hm, ha,ha….
    Sorry I can’t say anything about your website, I was looking for information about Rosetta Stone astrological configuration, the trapeze, I have no idea why google gave me your website too, I see you are into writing and stuff, not astrology…..anyway, nice seeing your picture, maybe some past live thing, connection, haha….
    Good bye and I send you a lucky star.

  4. Nathan says:


    Biggest Odysseyfan. I was thinking of getting a tattoo. Do you have any saved art from back then I could possibly use?

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