Fiction by Paul Vitols


I have published five works of fiction:

Lost Kings (July 2018): a short story in which John Pulkis, last seen in The Thought Dial, is now 20 and traveling Europe, where a shortage of funds plunges him into a spiritual crisis.

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The Thought Dial (December 2017): a short story in which a 16-year-old boy, when he loses the concert tickets that were to give him the courage to ask a girl for a date, considers desperate remedies.

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A Tourist Visa (April 2017): a short story in which a young Latvian-Canadian, while visiting his long-lost grandfather in Iron Curtain–era Riga, simultaneously encounters both the frustration of Soviet bureaucracy and the possibility of romance.

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The Hermit (June 2011): my first serious short story, in which a disaffected university student goes for a walk in Stanley Park and unexpectedly arrives at a crossroads in his life.

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Truth of the Python (May 2011): a literary thriller in which a Vancouver hypnotherapist and his young client discover they have unfinished business with each other—from 25 centuries ago.

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That’s far from being the whole story. Take a look at my list of upcoming publications planned for future release.