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The Odyssey odyssey, part 12

Here’s the latest installment of the spine-chilling tale of the creation and production of my 1990s TV series The Odyssey. If you want to start at the beginning, go here. Otherwise, read on! And if you have questions or observations, … Continue reading

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how astrology works, part 9: the Rosetta Stone of meaning

In my last post I introduced Arthur M. Young’s book The Geometry of Meaning, in which he shows how the deep, metaphysical aspect of every situation can be symbolized by numbers and angles—specifically the number 4 and the right angles formed … Continue reading

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how astrology works, part 4: of women and wasps

As I mentioned in my last post, my reflections on why astrology appears to work eventually came to be illuminated by my researches into the art of storytelling. I got as far as describing briefly the ancient approach to the … Continue reading

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