The Odyssey


The work for which I am best known so far is The Odyssey, a half-hour children’s adventure-fantasy television series created by me and Warren Easton, and first broadcast by the CBC from 1992 to 1995.

The show, about a 12-year-old boy who falls out of a tree-fort, lapses into a coma, and finds himself with amnesia in a world populated only by kids, became a hit in Canada and soon was selling briskly to other countries, who were eager for a high-quality kids’ show that didn’t feel too “American”. Eventually it was sold into more than 50 countries (so we were told, anyway).

Hear me talk about The Odyssey on Rewatchability, a lighthearted pop-culture nostalgia podcast based in Toronto.

Just can’t get enough of that TV meta-chat? Visit my blog every Wednesday for the next 26 weeks (or bookmark this link). Why? I’ve just started republishing an edited compilation of posts from my former website, Genesis of a Historical Novel, about the twists and turns involved in the creation of The Odyssey.

Better yet, watch the show for yourself on YouTube.