Paul’s Reading Lists


Paul's Reading Lists

I read about many different things (my library is distributed through 4 different rooms of my house), both as research for particular projects and to expand my general knowledge. Here I’d like to share the titles of books that I have found interesting or useful on a number of different subjects. If you want to get up to speed on these topics, then, in my opinion, you could do worse than reading these selections. Explore—and enjoy!

Alternative Archaeology

Ancient Judea & Palestine

Ancient Rome

Ancient Science & Technology



The Bible

Buddhism for Beginners

Buddhism for Nonbeginners

Buddhism for Vajrayanists

Extraterrestrials & Alien Contact

The Hellenistic World

History of Science

The Great Pyramid & Other Ancient Mysteries

Liberal Education


Reading Ulysses


Satan and His Dwelling Place


Storytelling—Creating Characters


Writer’s Reference Shelf

Writing & Copyediting